ICC Auditorium

Services Provided

Classroom Educational Technology Services (CETS) manages the technology services in the ICC Auditorium, and provides technology to conferences, meetings, lectures, and panel discussions held in the ICC Auditorium.

The built-in technology in the ICC Auditorium includes:

- wired and wireless microphones (podium, hand-held and lavaliere);

- audio and video display from PC/MAC (VGA and HDMI);

- wireless connectivity for certain BYOD;

- video playback from Blu-Ray and DVD; and

- audio and video capture technology.

How to Obtain Technology in the ICC Auditorium

- To obtain services, please first contact the Office of Campus Activity Facilities to reserve the ICC Auditorium. Please allow 10 business days to schedule the request.

- After the auditorium has been reserved, please use the CETS online form to request audio-visual services for your event. Technology reservations with CETS must be made at least one week in advance.

- Except for classes scheduled in the Auditorium by the Office of the University Registrar, there are charges for all services which CETS provides in the ICC Auditorium (please see Fee Schedule listed below).

ICC Auditorium A/V Services Fee Schedule


External Groups

Sponsored Programs

GU Departments

Voice Amplification System (including technician time)

$ 210.00 first hour

$ 80.00 ea. add'l hr.

$ 150.00 first hour

$ 70.00 ea. add'l hr.

$ 78.00 first hour

$ 60.00 ea. add'l hr.

Audio Cassette Recording

$ 60.00/ tape

$ 50.00/ tape

$ 40.00/ tape

Audio Cassette Duplication

$ 40.00/ tape

$ 30.00/ tape

$ 25.00/ tape

Audio CD Recording (Digital)

$ 110.00/CD

$ 95.00/CD

$ 90.00/CD

Audio CD Recording Duplication

$ 55.00/CD

$ 50.00/CD

$ 45.00/CD

Computer and Projection System

$ 350.00/ use

$ 280.00/ use

$ 250.00/ use

Video Recording (Digital)

$ 160.00/ hour

$ 150.00/ hour

$ 130.00/ hour

Video Recording Duplication

$ 90.00/DVD

$ 80.00/DVD

$ 70.00/DVD

Video Projection (DVD/VHS)

$ 180.00/ use

$ 150.00/ hour

$ 140.00/ use

Multi-Box (Audio Press Feed)

$ 120.00/use

$ 105.00/use

$ 100.00/use

Wireless Microphones (package) 4 or more

$ 300.00/use

$ 250.00/use

$ 150.00/use

Furniture on Stage or in the Lobby

To procure chairs and tables for the stage, or outside in the Auditorium lobby, please specify this with Office of Campus Activity Facilities when reserving the room.

- Facilities Special Events is the office that provides all non-technology elements (tables, chairs, tablecloths, bunting, etc.)

- Please allow 10 business days to schedule this request.

Moving the Podium

If you must remove the podium in the ICC Auditorium from the stage, please contact University Facilities or CETS. Please do not attempt to remove the podium from the stage without CETS or Facilities advance approval.

External Contractor Service

CETS is the default technology service provider in the ICC Auditorium, and has a right of first refusal in providing all technology to classes and programs using that venue.

In situations where auditorium users require technologies and/or service levels which CETS cannot normally support, CETS may partner with one or more external contractors to provide additional services. On occasion, CETS permits an external contractor to provide all technology required by a particular auditorium program.

Please contact CETS before reserving or contracting with any external contractor for technology provision or support in the ICC Auditorium.

Further Questions?

For more information about CETS services in ICC Auditorium, please contact:

Nylons Quintana, ICC and Lohrfink Auditoria Services Manager (202)687-5618/(202) 687-5969/(202) 794-4407

John Steitz, CETS Assistant Director, at (202) 687-2509/(202) 569-3119.