Appendix D-

Venues in which CETS provides Mobile Audio Systems and
other portable technologies:

Indoor Venues:
Arupe Multi-Purpose Room
Healy Building:
Healy Classrooms
Bioethics Library
Gaston Hall
Riggs Library
Healey Family Student Center:
Great Room
Herman Room

Social Room
ICC Classrooms
Leavey Center Venues:
Bulldog Alley
Leavey Program
Sellinger Lounge
[No service provided in Leavey Ballroom, cf. Aramark]
New North: McNeir Hall
Reiss Classrooms
Southwest Quadrangle:
McShain Large
McShain Small
St. Mary’s Hall:
St. Mary’s Classrooms
St. Mary’s Rooftop Deck
Walsh Building: De La Cruz Gallery
White Gravenor Classrooms.

Outdoor Venues:
[CETS may decline service in any outdoor tent venue in the event of high wind, heavy rain
and/or lightning.]
Car Barn Roof Terrace
Dahlgren Quadrangle Tent
Harben Patio Tent
Hariri Pavillion Tent
Leavey Esplanade Tent
MidCampus Terrace Tent (patio connecting Hariri, Leavey and Regents)
Red Square Tent:
Main Tent
Side Tent (near Copley Hall)
Southwest Quad tent
White Gravenor Esplanade Tent