Mobile Audio Services

Services Provided

Classroom Educational Technology Services (CETS) provides portable voice amplification and audio recording services in venues which GU departments and student groups use for non-class events and programs. 

The Standard Service Package in these venues includes:  

Two wired microphones (podium, floor stand or table top) 

Four wireless microphones (floor stand or table stand stick mic, or lavaliere)

Audio playback from PC/MAC, tablet, or smart phone.

The standard service package also includes up to four (4) hours of staff time, including the transit time for the equipment to and from your venue.  During your program, a CETS professional or student technician works a live sound mixing board, to optimize the sound heard during your program, even if there are multiple microphones and/or program audio in play all at the same time.

There is an additional charge for additional staff time or technology
CETS can also provide:
Digital audio recording and CD copiesĀ House audio feed to multi box for press or audio recording
House audio feed to laptop (web conferencing)Additional wired/wireless microphone circuits
Additional speakers for larger public venues (ex, Gaston Hall)Additional staff time for longer duration / complex programs

CETS provides Mobile Audio Services through 1-5 person crews comprised of CETS Student Technicians, to reduce costs for patrons.   For larger or more complex events, CETS reserves the right to schedule supervisory professional staff in addition to the student technicians, resulting in additional charges.

In venues that already have projection equipment and/or limited voice amplification systems, CETS can supplement the built-in technology, and will not impose any charge for using any technology already contained in any GEMS venue.  However, CETS reserves the right to charge for non-internal use of any technology built into Office of the Registrar (OUR) General Purpose Classrooms under its WICS policies.