Requesting Service From CETS

Because of the varying constituencies that CETS seeks to serve, request forms have been tailored to solict the information we require to provide various use cases. Please familiarize yourself with our differing request forms and select the most appropriate from the submenu on the left. If you are unsure about which form applies to your circumstance, please call our front desk at 687-7491 for clarification.

  • Classroom Technology - this form is used to request technology in classrooms assigned by the Office of the University Registrar in fullfilment of the Georgetown Curricula and other closely related university functions. Requests for classroom technology require NetID login. CETS has streamlined classroom technology requests, so, if your class is meeting during the fall and spring semesters, on Monday - Friday, and is listed in the Registrar's Schedule of Classes, a request is not required for the use of technology installed in the classroom. Please remember, if your class falls outside the above conditions or is meeting outside the time and room listed in the Schedule of Classes, a request needs to be submitted for service.  (More details of Classroom Technology Policies Below)

  • ICC/Lohrfink Auditorium -  this form is used for any events taking place in the ICC or Lohrfink Auditoriums that wish to use technology.

  • Video Teleconference this form is required for any teleconferencing done in conjunction with a scheduled class.

  • WICS - this form applies to Workshop, Institute, and Conference Services. If you are hosting an event on the Georgetown Campus that is not directly related to a scheduled class or hosts individuals who are not members of the university community (i.e., not assigned a NetID), please select this form.


Classroom Technology Policies

To provide a more streamlined classroom experience, CETS revised its service request policy for classroom technology. This change affects all users of CETS' classroom services and we ask you to become familiar with it. If you have any questions about this policy, please call CETS at 687-7491 for assistance. Monday through Friday, during the Spring and Fall Semesters, CETS will open and test all classroom technology cabinets prior to the first scheduled class. CETS will shut down and lock these cabinets after the last scheduled class. The Office of the University Registrar's class schedule will determine the times of the first and last classes for each classroom. Because of this policy, all regularly scheduled, weekday classes during the Spring and Fall semesters will no longer need to submit CETS technology service requests for the equipment installed in the classrooms. Please note that weekend classes do not fall under this new policy; you must still submit a request for weekend service.

Although fewer patrons will have to submit technology service requests for their classes, circumstances still exist that require a service request for access to classroom technology. Some examples of these circumstances are:

  • Patrons needing technology that is not standard to the classroom
    • Standard technology: PC, Internet, Video Projector, VHS, DVD, VGA Laptop connection
    • Classroom Software Non-Standard Technology: Video Teleconference, Skype, iClicker, Lecture Capture, etc.
  • Patrons needing technology on weekends and university holidays.
  • Patrons needing technology during final exam periods, summer sessions, pre-session, and intersession.
  • Patrons needing technology for events that are not regularly scheduled classes listed by course number in the Registrar's schedule of classes.
  • This includes sanctioned student groups, class review sessions, make-up classes, film-screenings, and other similar non-class events. Patrons needing technology for regularly scheduled classes that are held in conference rooms, outside the assigned classroom, or outside the hours in the Registrar's published schedule. Patrons borrowing loan equipment for pick up and return in ICC 121.

In summary, under CETS' technology service request policy, if your Monday-Friday class is held during the Spring and Fall semesters and is published in the Registrar's schedule of classes, you can expect CETS' installed technology to be available without submitting a service request. If you fall under the examples outlined above, or similar instances, or are not listed in the schedule of classes, you will have to submit a service request for classroom technology.