Fee Schedule

Lohrfink Auditorium Services External GroupsSponsored ProgramsGU Departments
Voice Amplification System (including technician time and the use of up to 7 wired or wireless microphones)$210.00 first hour – $80.00 ea. add’l hour$150.00 first hourĀ – $70.00 ea. add’l hr.$78.00 first hour – $60.00 ea. add’l hr.
Audio CD Recording (Digital)$110.00/ CD $95.00/ CD $90.00/ CD
Audio CD Recording Duplication$55.00/ CD$50.00/ CD$45.00/ CD
Computer and Projection System$350.00/ use$280.00/ use$250.00/ use
Video Projection (DVD/BluRay)$180.00/ use$150.00/ use$140.00/ use
Multi-Box Audio Press Feed$120.00/ use$105.00/ use$100.00/ use
Wireless Microphones (package) 4 or more$300.00/ use$250.00/ use$150.00/ use