Locations and Hours

Locations and Hours where MAS is provided:

* subject to approval from Georgetown Event Management Services (GEMS)
8 AM and 1 AM Sunday through Thursday; 8 AM – 2 PM Fridays and Saturdays
Arupe Multi-Purpose Room [HFSC] Bioethics Library [Healy 102 – Kennedy Institute] 
Bulldog Alley [HFSC] Copley Formal Lounge* [GEMS] 
Gaston Hall [GEMS] Healey Family Student Center (Great Room, Social Room, Herman Room) [HFSC] 
Leavey Program Room [GEMS] McNeir Hall [OUR] 
McShain Large or Small [GEMS] Reiss 103 or 112 [OUR] 
Sellinger Lounge* [GEMS]

Locations where service is provided only

5 PM to 2 AM Fridays; 8 AM to 2 AM Saturdays; 8 AM to 1 AM on Sundays
Healy 103, 104, 105 classrooms [OUR]ICC 101, 103, 105, 107, 108, 115 classrooms [OUR]
Maguire 102 classroom [OUR]Regents 109 [OUR]
St. Mary’s 107, 111 or 126 [OUR]

CETS technicians must keep all audio volumes below the threshold due to nearby classrooms. As such, these spaces are more suitable for spoken word presentations, rather than musical or artistic presentations.