Request Services

Scheduling Technology for Non-Class Events

  1. Patrons must first request classroom or seminar room space from the Office of the University Registrar or the Office of Campus Activity Facilities.
    • Note : Reservation of classroom or other space does not, by itself, constitute reservation of classroom technology. Also, whether or not a user is charged for using classroom space does not determine whether or not CETS charges for use of technology in the classroom.
  2. Next, patrons must request technology services from CETS a minimum of ten business days prior to the start of the first session of their workshop, institute or conference.

Patrons request technology service by completing and submitting the CETS Workshop, Institute and Conference Services Information Form.

Patrons submitting a non-class service request on the standard CETS request form must provide either their GMS work tags (minimum: Cost Center, Fund, Purpose and Program), or a valid Registrar-supplied course number, or that form will be rejected.

Programs submitting a same-day request for service are presumed to be non-class paying programs, and must provide GMS work tags (minimum: Cost Center, Fund, Purpose and Program) on their service request. For same-day service requests lacking both a Registrar-supplied course number and GMS work tags, access to classroom technology will not be provided.

Equipment Loan Service From WICS

In spaces that do not contain built-in technology, and where delivery of equipment is not possible, CETS will make available portable equipment, which conference organizers pick up from, and return to, the CETS office, ICC 121, during CETS Office Hours.

Subject to availability, patrons may borrow:

  • PC laptops and computer projectors;
  • tablet computers;
  • document cameras;
  • Blu-Ray or DVD players and projectors and
  • Portable projection screens.

Patrons borrowing this equipment must sign for it and will be responsible for repair or replacement of each component if it is not returned in the same condition it was loaned out.

CETS loan equipment must be used in GU-owned facilities, and must not be taken off-campus. Unless special arrangements have been confirmed in writing, CETS loan equipment is due back before CETS closes in the evening, and is not loaned out overnight.

Patrons to whom CETS cannot provide classroom technology, or who require technology beyond what CETS could provide, may still be able to obtain technology from an external vendor, either:

  1. Aramark Conference Services, (202) 687-3230
  2. Optimum Audio, (202) 618-2017